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Their histories have been inextricably intertwined. Both are products of high craftsmanship and mechanical achievement, born from the desire for precision and convenience. It's no surprise that many automobile collectors are also watch collectors.

We've selected a few of the most successful partnerships between auto and watch brands. You don't need to choose between a watch and a car. These partnerships give you the best of both.

Breitling for Bentley In 2002, Swiss watchmaker Breitling teamed up with British luxury car maker Bentley. Their success has continued unabated since. They shared the same core values, which were luxury and achievement. Breitling for Bentley's watches are made of gold, titanium, or steel and have chronograph, date, and GMT features. IWC and Mercedes-AMG IWC is a partner of Mercedes Benz for 50 years, especially their high-performance racing label, Mercedes-AMG. The partnership shares core values such as precision engineering, teamwork, and innovation.

The partnership was celebrated by the special edition IWC Ingenieur. It's the perfect sports watch. Lightweight, sweat-proof and rustproof, with precision timing to 1/8th of a second. Tudor and Ducati In 2011, Tudor became the official timekeeper for Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati. This inspired Tudor to create its Fastrider collection.Rolex Daytona Replica These watches are sporty and sleek, just like Ducatis. They're also utility-inspired. The watches are available in Ducati's signature black and red or racetrack colors like green and yellow. Hublot and Ferrari Hublot and Ferrari share one thing in common: speed. Hublot, founded in 1980, has the same prestige as brands with a century-long history.

The partnership led to the creation of avant-garde luxury timepieces that are inspired by automobiles. Hublot Ferrari Unico Carbon features rubber inlaid in Alcantara fabric, which is similar to suede and used in automobile interiors. The crown of the watch is shaped like a car pedal, while the rotor was inspired by a wheel. What attention to detail there is! Tag Heuer and McLaren Mercedes-Benz Tag Heuer has a long history of producing racing-inspired watches, such as the Carrera or Monaco. This time the brand took its inspiration from a sportscar - namely the McLaren Mercedes-Benz SLR. This partnership was born out of Tag Heuer's and Benz's ties with the McLaren F1 Team.Rolex Replica Watches Production on the car ceased in 2009 while Tag Heuer terminated its partnership with McLaren by 2015. Jaeger-LeCoultre Aston Martin For those who are looking for heritage, Jaeger-LeCoultre's partnership with the iconic British carmaker Aston Martin is a great choice. In the 1920s, Aston Martin cars were equipped with Jaeger LeCoultre's speedometers. AMVOX is a collection of watches that reflects the power and aesthetics of Aston Martin.

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