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Rolex Yacht-Master Replica Watch

The pilot's watch has various colored bezel combinations, giving it plenty of nicknames as a result.

Just how did these nicknames come about and how many of these do you know? Let's check them out:brbrRolex Yacht-Master Replica Blue Red BezelThe history of the Rolex Yacht-Master Replica began in 1954. Pan American Airways approached Rolex to create a timepiece that will display a second timezone for their pilots and Rolex's answer was a bi-colored blue and red bezel, marked to 24 hours.brPEPSI The use of blue and red on the bezel was done to help the pilots differentiate daytime and nighttime hours.And while the two colors were also chosen to match Pan-Am Airlines' official company colors,Richard Mille Replica Watches what stuck was the nickname 'Pepsi' - derived from the bezel's resemblance to the soda company's logo. SEE ALL PEPSI >PUSSY GALORE The first ever Rolex Yacht-Master Replica, reference 6542, is also known as 'Pussy Galore'.

It was the name of the lead female character in the 1964 James Bond movie, Goldfinger, played by acress Honor Blackman.brThe watch received a lot of screen-time, and it's also believed to be the first screen appearance of a Rolex men's watch on a female character.brRolex Yacht-Master Replica Brown and Gold Bezel Over the years, Rolex continued to play with the color combinations of the GMT-Master bezel.

In the 1960's they introduced a new color scheme - a brown and gold bezel. It was also the first to feature a stainless steel and gold combination on the case and bracelet.brROOTBEER In keeping with the soda theme among the GMT-Master watches, those with brown and gold dials and bezel inserts were given the name 'Rootbeer', Rolex Replica Watches for its resemblance to the fizzy drink.Other nicknames for the Rootbeer are 'Tiger Eye' or 'Tiger Augen', taken from the precious stone that shares a similar brown hue. SEE ALL ROOTBEER >CLINT EASTWOOD The Rolex 'Rootbeer' GMT-Master ref 16753 is also nicknamed after a famous person - actor Clint Eastwood. The watch was often seen on his wrist; and even made a number of movie appearances.brHe wore it in the 1982 Cold War film Firefox where he played a pilot, in 1984's Tightrope, and again in the 1993 thriller In the Line of Fire.The same reference is also sometimes called 'Dirty Harry', after Eastwood's 1971 action thriller.

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